Courses at Oak Valley College

You will take 32 courses at Oak Valley College.  Four courses are offered each semester.  Click here to see the full curriculum map (subject to change).  

Most courses are adapted from leading colleges and universities.  We have selected course frameworks from prestigious institutions with great reputations (e.g. Harvard).  We are careful to adapt each course to our audience and our specific approach to teaching.  

There are two basic categories of coursework - general education and major courses.  All courses are required to complete the degree.  

Typically, courses are offered in two 90-minute sessions each week over 14 weeks with an additional session for a final comprehensive exam - 15 weeks total.  





On average, you are expected to complete ten hours per week in classwork, reading, homework, and projects per course times the four courses you complete each semester.   This translates to roughly 40 hours of work per week.  

You should come to each class session prepared to fully participate.  Participation is critical to ensuring your success in the course.