College without limits

Whatever your goal, we will help you achieve it.  If you dream it, you will learn how to do it  at Oak Valley College, a nonprofit Christian liberal arts college based in Colton, California.   OVC is framed by six things:

  1. High-quality personal Christian college experience
  2. Strong academics - Professors know you by name and care about you
  3. Family - Small classes, a cohort of students, and personal attention surround you in a supportive environment
  4. Practical and focused - Earn your bachelor's degree in business without delays or distractions
  5. Graduate in three years - Take three semesters per year and graduate with your bachelor's degree in three years
  6. Debt-free - Most students pay tuition with a part-time job, and you will earn your degree without student loans. Ask us how -

Apply now.  Hurry, and we will waive the $50 application fee.

"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul." - Mark 8:36

Pastor Dane Aaker, Centerpoint Church, speaks about Oak Valley College and the vision of its founder in one of his sermons.

OVC is changing my future. I really didn’t think that college would be my thing. I was really, really nervous. This school has totally taken that anxiety away. Everyone is really helpful so it makes me feel like I can achieve my goals for the future.
— AnnMarie, Class of 2019
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Today, we explore the question of the best when it comes to the college rankings and more specifically, the undergraduate college experience. 

Most parents begin with the US News and World Reports, "Best Colleges" ranking system. Within that system, parents and students find various categories, which have been tweaked and refined over decades to come up with a score for colleges and universities. 

With Congress looking to reform the tax code and provide new tax breaks, student loans are, once again, part of the national conversation. The New York Times features an interesting article about the current debate.

How did we get here? Why has student loan deb become a major topic of debate? Where will we end up? 

Oak Valley College offers a debt-free Bachelor of Arts in Business. Some students ask about student loans. Thinking that is the only way they can pay for college. OVC does not have them (student loans), and you do not need them. Too many young people are thinking that the only way to earn a bachelor's degree is to go into debt, tens of thousands of dollars in debt. At OVC, you can pay your tuition with a part-time job.